1. abah-abah

(goods, chattels, effects, gear, tackel) See also: Parabah

2. abdi

(ar: a slave or bondman to the government; me; aku, saya) Synonym: urang, kuring, simkuring See also: maneh, anjeun, sia, urang

3. abeh, ambeh

(agar, supaya; in order to)


4. aben

(adu (bahasa halusnya); to fight) See also: adu

5. aber-aberan

(to stroll, to wander, often to avoid pursuit; bepergian, bermain ke tempat yang jauh) Synonym: abur-aburan

6. Abig-abig

(the upper gable end of a house) being a triangle of which the sloping roof forms two sides, and a line drawn from eaves to caves, the base. The triangular pieces of thatch or matted bambu More…

7. ablag, ngablag

(terbuka lebar (mis:pintu); wide opened) See also: ublag-ablag

8. ablu, ngablu

bermain kesana kemari, pekerjaannya tidak menentu

9. abong

(mentang-mentang; Forsooth, oh dear-) abong sia bogah duit – forsooth now that you have got some money. abong tos tiasa meser mobil – mentang-mentang sudah bisa beli mobil

10. Abong-abong

(said when a man presumes on his position or circumstances) Abong-abong ka nu leutik – presuming upon a mans position to oppress people of humble degree.

11. abot

(berat) bahasa halus untuk beurat See also: beurat

12. abreg, ambreg, ngambreg

(datang bersamaan waktunya, banyak) seabreg-abreg – banyak sekali

13. abret, ngabret, abret-abretan

lari sambil melompat-lompat seperti lari kuda atau anak-anak yang bersuka ria

14. abring, ngabring

(serombongan orang yang berjalan bersama-sama) ngabring ka kondangan – pergi bareng serombongan ke undangan

15. Abrit-abritan

(to skip or skit about, to bound nimbly along)

16. abrug, abrug-abrugan

(tidak mau diam sambil meronta-ronta)

17. abrul

(keluar atau pergi bersama-sama) abrulan – rombongan yang pergi atau datang bersama-sama; abrul-abrulan – berjalan bersama-sama tak tentu arah dan tujuan See also: abring, ngabring

18. abur, diabur

(dibiarkan mencari makan sendiri (binatang); Let him find food (for animal))

19. abur-aburan

(pergi jauh sambil berpindah-pindah tempat; to go a long way and moving anywhere) See also: abur, diabur

20. Aburan

(running wild, neglected, let at large, not taken care of.) Jelema aburan – a reckless fellow – a man who has no permanent home and is skulking from the police authorities

1. acak, ngacak

(tidak teratur, mengacaukan) acak-acakan – kacau balau See also: babalatak

2. acan, can, encan

(belum; not yet, even, at all.) Teu di bere-bere acan – saya belum dikasih apapun – he did not even give me any. teu acan – belum (bahasa halus) See also: atos, tos, parantos

3. Acar

(Persian -Pickles) Acar iwung – pickles made of the sprouts of young bambus

4. acay

(iler) ngacay – ngiler

5. Aceng

(a name of endearment given to children – as much as “My darling”)

6. Aceuk

(elder or eldest sister – a refined expression.; kakak perempuan) See also: ceceu, eceu

7. Achah

(an interjection of derision: there you get it! that’s it!)

8. Aci

(among Peranakan Chinese is elder sister, eldest sister; the juice, the gravy, the essential liquid of meat; the fecula of palm tree or tuberous root, prepared for eating in any way.) Aci More…

9. acleng, ngacleng

(terpelanting, terpental; bouncing) See also: aclog, ngaclog

10. aclog, ngaclog

(lompat pendek, melompat seperti kodok; a hop, a short jump, to hop, to perch as a bird on a branch) See also: acleng, ngacleng

11. Aco

(to talk vauntingly, to brag, to hold ridiculous talk,) Aco bae sia moal aya nu ngandel – what stuff you talk, it is not likely that any one will believe you See also: ngaco

12. acos, ucas-acos

(tidak masuk-masuk ujungnya, misal ujung benang tidak masuk-masuk ke lubang jarum)

13. acreug, acreug-acreugan

(meloncat-loncat ke atas; to jump up and down)

14. acuk

(baju; clothes, apparel, shirt) bahasa halus dari baju Synonym: raksukan

15. Acung

(a variety of Arum, of very offensive smell)


1. Adu

(to fight, to squabble) This word is also no doubt of Sanscrit origin. The nearest to be found in Clough are Wada – discourse, discussion, controversy, disputation See also: Agadu

2. Adu biru

(an expression of contempt used towards any one) montong di bawuran adu biru sia – you need not put in any of your jaw to meddle with conversation or matters that do not regard you. For Adu More…

3. Adu kebo

(literally “the fighting of buffaloes” – that part of the thatch which covers the ridge pole of house.) It is formed by tying two ataps to each other, so that their respective ends More…

4. adug, adug-adugan

(meronta-ronta; to stamp and kick about, as horse in the stable, or any animal confined in a fold or cage to be obstreperous) adug lajer, adug songkol – meronta-ronta sekuat tenaga karena More…

5. Aduh

(an interjection of surprise or dismay, oh! is that the way!; kata seru, ungkapan kaget) is that what you are after! as we might say, the devil take it!   Aduh! leutik teuing – oh More…

6. Aduk

(to mix, to mingle, to entangle, to cause confusion, to jumble together) Aduk apu – to mix lime. Kusut amat urut di aduk – how confused it is by being jumbled together.

7. Adukeun

(to set to fight, to put in competition) to set up or connect the different parts of carpentry or machinery. See also: adu

8. aduy

(hampir hancur, sangat lembek)

1. aeh

(kata yg muncul karena rasa heran, kaget) ngaeh – merengek-rengek terus sebelum diberi atau dilaksanakan permintaannya diuahaeh – diterima dengan ramah

2. aeuk, aeuk-aeukan

(menangis dengan suara keras, seperti dilagukan)

1. agag-agagan

(ragu-ragu melakukannya; doubtful) Synonym: asa-asa

2. Agar-agar

(a species of sea-weed; Zostera or Plocaria candida.) It is boiled down into a jelly and so eaten, especially by invalids.

3. Agehan

(to leave for another, not to consume or use up any thing entirely.; minta bagian) Agehan urang lauk na saeutik – leave me a little of the flesh or fish.

4. ageung

(besar, bahasa halus dari kata gede; big, superior, great) Synonym: badag

5. agreng

(besar, bagu, dan teratur)

6. agson, ngangsonan

(menghasut; to incite, to provoke)

7. agul

(bangga; suka memperlihatkan atau menceritakan kepandaian; proud, vain, elated with success)

1. aheng

(aneh, ajaib; bizarre)

1. aing

(saya, bahasa kasar sekali dari kuring; the pronoun I, used by a superior to an inferior) Synonym: kuring, abdi

2. ais

(menggendong; to hold) ais pangampih – famili yang membantu-bantu di rumah tangga

1. ajag

(serigala; wolf)

2. ajeg

(tegak; tidak roboh; tetap pendiriannya; stand up, stable)

3. ajen

(harga, nilai; respect, value) ngajenan – menghormati, menghargai; pangajen – penilaian, penilai (juri)

4. ajle, ajle-ajlean

(meloncat-loncat dengan sebelah kaki; to jump with one leg only)

5. ajleng, ngajleng

(loncat, meloncat; to jump) See also: aclog, ngaclog, acleng, ngacleng

6. ajrag, ajrag-ajragan

(melonjak-lonjak karena kegirangan; bouncing for joy)

7. ajret, ajret-ajretan

(lari dan melompat seperti anak kambing; jumping along, skipping off – like a hare or rabbit) See also: ajleg, ajleg-ajlegan

8. ajrih

(segan, malu; shy, bashful)

9. ajrug, ngajrug

(meloncat lurus ke atas)

10. ajul, ngajul

(menjolok, mengambil buah-buahan dengan galah; to take fruits with pole)

11. ajur

(hancur lebur; broken, wrecked)




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